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The Top Generator Brands Available at JNA Pvt. Ltd

Cummins Generators Unmatched Power and Dependability In the power sector for decades, American-born Cummins engines are known for their durability, reliability, and global reputation. JNA proudly offers a variety of Cummins generator sets for diverse applications. We provide diesel alternatives with 10 to 650 kVA power and Mecc Alte, Leroy Somer, Stamford, and other alternators. […]

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Different Revolution In Power And Water Industry Of Pakistan

We know that in most of the underdeveloped industry for countries things do not move as per the normal scenario. Because mostly in the underdeveloped countries many issues don’t allow movement of projects as per the plan. These are the basic main issue for Pakistan as well. Even Pakistan has many natural resources and sufficient […]

water purifier

Water Purifier Problems: How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

If you have maintained an RO plant or water purifier properly, it can be used for 4 to 5 years without any problems. After that, you may start to face some water cleaning problems. Drainage is not the only problem with running water that people face. Various other problems can arise after using water filters […]


What Features To Know Before Buying a Diesel Generator?

In a globalized world, electricity is a real problem. If you rely on things like CPAP machines, they can make you less active, force you to endure the winter, and put your health at risk. Buying a generator from the best solar system company in Pakistan can be the perfect solution to ensure your safety […]

Hydrogen Power plant

Hydrogen Power Plant Almost On The Road To Completion In The United States Of America

485 MW power plant in the United States of America is about to complete in the future. This power plant is unique as it will get powered by a combination of natural gas and hydrogen-free carbon. The power plant is near the bank of the Ohio River. The power plant has the nameplate of Long […]

solar electricity

Solar Electricity And Improving Living Standards Of Rural Areas     

As we know that Pakistan is an underdeveloped country where general facilities of life are not available to all the Pakistani, even in some cities basic things are not available to the citizens which is a very big barrier towards the growth and development of Pakistan and that issue is not stopping here. The rural […]

Coal is again the new energy resource.

Tables Have Turned Once Again – Coal Is Again The New Energy Resource

Covid-19 – One of the worst trauma which has caused a loss of a lot of lives. It caused damage to every sector in the world. And aid in the destruction of face-to-face communication and business. The no. of technologies that were advancing at a rapid pace faced brakes due to the pandemic and were […]

solar panels

The Mystery About The Solar Panels Across Louisiana

There are sixteen solar farms powered by solar energy in the state of Louisiana. Half of these are under the control of the East coast fund having a total budget of 15 billion dollars.  These projects are under the investment support of NY City-based D.E. Eight of these are under the mentioned organization. While the […]

Best Solar Power Equipment Gadgets

Best Solar Power Equipment Gadgets Everyone Should Know About

Acquiring electricity from traditional sources is way too common. It is the modern era and every sensible person is moving towards the new technology. By this I mean to say solar power equipment.  I understand that it is really not easy to switch from the cheap yet traditional source to the most expensive one. It […]