Coal is again the new energy resource.

Tables Have Turned Once Again – Coal Is Again The New Energy Resource

Covid-19 – One of the worst trauma which has caused a loss of a lot of lives. It caused damage to every sector in the world. And aid in the destruction of face-to-face communication and business. The no. of technologies that were advancing at a rapid pace faced brakes due to the pandemic and were facing a barrier in the way.

The power energy sector faced a lot of intervention during the transportation of oil barrels from one state to another. And the ban of travel, for every human being in multiple countries, has led the power and oil sector to face the most critical situation ever.

There was a loud talk between the humans to transfer from the energy sector-major fuel resource i.e. coal towards “solar energy”. The idea is not even bad but if you think, can you power every state, every village, every industry, and every nuclear power plant with solar energy currently?

Due to these valid reasons and necessities, the world still depends on fossil fuel coal for energy crisis and usage.

Oil Rates Around The Globe:

Since the downfall of prices in oil, which also reached 1$ per barrel in 2020. 

In 2021, the oil rates are rising once again, and the solar energy supporters are at a greater loss. 

You must be wondering, which countries possess the usage of coal fuel the most? China, India, Pakistan, and most parts of Asia utilizes this energy resource the most.

Power plants using coal were the reason behind the usage of coal fuel in summer heatwaves. As previously reported in the past week, demand for coal has increased in China, aiding in the price increase of coal.

In May 2021, the global prices of coal grabbed a new record as the demand peaked and supply dropped. China’s major international supplier – Australian coal – peaked at $150/ton in July.

Expert’s Opinions :

Wang Haitao, the Co. analyst of Huatai stated, “The South of China is facing serious heat, a load of power requirement is constantly and gradually increasing day by day.” Moreover, “the supply chain of coal has widely increased. Few regions are warning regarding the usage of coals.”

The countries in Asia e.g: the usage of solar panel in Pakistan was increasing in 2020 but now it is under the shadows of coal too.

The ever-increasing business of RO plants in Pakistan was easily pushed back by the solar panels business. But now due to the pandemic, RO plant business has risen again.

Europe also Involved in the usage:

Not only in Asian countries, but the European giants also deal with the high utilization of coal for power plants.

The likes of France and Germany are now using coal who planned and held out schemes of eliminating the fossil fuel power resource. The Genset supplier community is also earning a lot in this season.

Author of a newspaper reports, “Countries are spending millions on energy resources to meet demanding power requirements. Solar energy and wind energy were also expected to be the new world resource for power. But the utilization only depends upon the availability of sun and winds, which does not help to sustain the demand of power resources.”

Founder of Watt-Logic, Kathryn Porter stated in a more realistic fashion, “ Obviously, when the government of any country faces lack of electric current supply they have the choice of using coal for it. They will surely opt. For coal.”

The countries utilizing coal as the energy source do not think that solar and wind energy will replace the demand for coal in near future.

Asian Countries Utilization:

In Asia, 350+ coal-fired plants were also constructed in December 2020. Of which, 184 were in China, 52 in India, 7 belonged to South Korea, and 13 included in Japan. 

Countries like Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and the Philippines have the requirement of coal-fired power plants but do not have the resources and budget to do so. China is aiding these countries to build more than a hundred power plants.

With the usage of coal as the source of energy, there is an environmental hazard for the world too. The Paris Accord helped the world for a better environment and reduction in environmental pollution.

Requirement is greater than Environment:

 The interesting part is that one of the world’s biggest superpowers “China” is utilizing a large amount of coal. China has the second-largest economy and is predicted to pass the USA in this decade.

 But, with the requirement of power resources, the usage of coal cannot get deleted. Time is an essential factor.  

With the increase of renewable energy resources, the decrease of fossil fuel usage will become constant and will certainly decrease.

 In the United States of America, the reduction of emission of gases in the environment is currently carried out.

 The levels of carbon emissions have been rapidly carried out such that it has been the largest cut since the year 1990. This was obviously completed by changing old coal power plants with natural gas power plants.

LNG – Liquefied Natural gas: 

The revolution of Shale has brought humongous supplies of methane and ethane composing natural gas. Moreover, the business of LNG – Liquefied Natural gas has achieved a head start in the US.

 The major exporters of LNG are Qatar, the US, and Australia.

 Nobody imagined that the world was eliminating fossil fuel as an energy resource. Now have held the hand of the same resources in the form of LNG. 

Instead of acting towards the sustainability of the environment by reduction of coal fossil fuel. And by stopping the countries of China, India, and other supported countries. The US itself is practicing adding subsidies for solar and wind.

 Moreover, China, India, and other superpowers must stop the extra usage of coal to meet power demands. Since the usage is harming the environment.

 The United States of America and Europe to practice the usage of LNG and coal gas as well as solar & wind energy.

 Now, the leaders who opted for renewable resources have understood the reality of the current decade. This summer will result in the usage of most coal for power plants in the world.

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