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Different Revolution In Power And Water Industry Of Pakistan

We know that in most of the underdeveloped industry for countries things do not move as per the normal scenario. Because mostly in the underdeveloped countries many issues don’t allow movement of projects as per the plan. These are the basic main issue for Pakistan as well.

Even Pakistan has many natural resources and sufficient minerals. But unfortunately, due to the lack of the allocation of proper systems and planning. All the things are getting wasted and misused with the bad people.

This is the same happened with the power resources and the water natural resources as well. We know that when the system goes down and demand remains the same for the natural resources. This means more crisis for the system and its working. 

But everything needs time and plan with complete energy and focus. But those things are not much in line with Pakistan’s base system. Here all things work but not for the people of Pakistan. The system works only for the people who are in the corrupt system and nothing else.

Need of change

When the world is progressing its means the rest of the countries who are not progressing must need to work the same. Otherwise, they will remain on the ground other get growth. This is also happening with Pakistan as the existing system now moving forward for power and water.

High demand for domestic things

The people are willing to progress and willing to make changes in their personal life. This is pushing the demand for electronics and water requirements. Because all things in the world are mostly based on those two things.

Insufficient Local system

Due to the insufficient performance of the existing local system, all the things of Pakistan going worse. As the local system is the barrier in the way of the growth of the proper water and power. This is the basic need of all people in the world as well. 

No government focus

As the Pakistani government is not interested in focusing on the basic necessities. That means a big loss for the people of Pakistan. Furthermore, this gap is also pushing people for personal or self-development. 

High cost of the process

The cost of the process to get the power and the water is not easy in Pakistan. As this involves so many requirements with complications. This is not good for economic growth as well.

Corruption in the system

The Pakistani system which is controlling all the things it is getting worse day by day. Due to the impact of corruption, this is a big limitation of the Pakistani economy.

Big players manipulations

In the Pakistani sector where the big players have all the things. They are actually playing with the system and manipulating them in personal favor. That’s why the country not progressing actively.

No competition in the industry

Due to the lack of power generation industries in Pakistan and no competition with monopolies. This allows another sector to develop like the growth of Generators Companies in Pakistan

No up-gradation in the existing system

When the companies not performing well in Pakistan for the power sector. This allows more boosting of Solar panels in Pakistan.

Not easy process and support for newcomers

For the water system where existing system and its process getting problematic. This allows the new industry of water filter plant suppliers to get in but this is also not easy for the quick impact.

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