crisis in Pakistan

Electricity And Water Crisis In Pakistan

As Pakistan is under developing country and its progress is very slow due to several reasons. But specifically in big crises due to the back political system. Furthermore, the natural resources are getting down with global warming. But due to a lack of planning in everything things are getting worst.

The issue begins when the system and supporting things do not develop with the demand. This creates a big gap in the utilization and the demand. The shortage of electricity and water increasing day by day. But at other development and corrective actions for this are not available.

There are several reasons behind that crisis here we are going to discuss it. Because those are the root causes of bad crises in Pakistan that need to be fixed on top priority. Otherwise, the issue will be kept rise and ultimately that crisis could turn into big claps.

1. Rise in population

The population of Pakistan is increasing at the normal rate but due to the development rate in the country. All things getting down because progress is not making in any sector. Only bad politicians diverting matter towards fast population growth. But the real story is different in actual they are not performing well.

2. Agriculture compromise

Due to the electricity and water shortage, the agriculture sector compromising with the high intensity. As for the farmers only, the land is available. For the rest of the things like electricity and water, they need to struggle a lot. They need to surrender things in front of different landlords and mafias. To get their basic rights due to the bad system in Pakistan.

That’s why the growth of agriculture is not moving up.

3. Weather change

Another big issue is climate change lack of rain, high heat increasing demand for electricity which is not available. On another hand same issue with the water in high demand but not available because of some other issues as well.

4. Mafias in the system

In Pakistan, bad mafias are in big power which not allowing anything to function well. Just because of their personal earnings. They are actually playing with the system and the resources for personal benefits. The more capturing of that mafias are increasing day by day.

5. Lack of government interest

The concerned government authorities are sleeping and ignoring all bad things in the system. Because they are badly politicized due to political job quotas. That means the system is not in control of the government, it is in control of political parties. Whatever they want they are doing with the system.

No matter it’s connected to water, electricity, and other matters in Pakistan. High corruption is the main root cause of it.

7. Increase in demand for generators

Due to a lack of interest from the different authorities. The private sector steps up and begins the import of generators to reduce the electricity crisis that’s why Diesel generators in Pakistan are in high demand.

8. Adaptation of new technology

As the private sector is more conscious to find a way for the water and electricity crisis. That’s why Solar panel in Pakistan getting more sale because it is now good for both division power and water.

9. Diversion on the second source of water

Due to the shortage of clean water in Pakistan now the private sector has come up with RO plants in Pakistan. This is a big revolution for Pakistan as it will reduce much water crisis.

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