Comfort Your Guests On Eid 2021

How To Give Comfort To Your Guests In Your Home This Eid?

Eid is the most precious, festive yet religious occasion for Muslims. It is a time of happiness that comes after Ramadan when Muslims fast and follow other religious rituals each day. As a result, Muslims are blessed with this occasion when they can enjoy every festivity with their family and friends.

It’s always good when your loved ones come to you on Eid and stay with you. You can guide them for a few hours when they show up to you at your home.

But when the guests come to your place, you ensure to make your guests comfortable in your home. While it’s nice to have a company for some time, it’s easy to get frustrated when you want to make sure your home is like that living place where everything is on point.

But making guests feel at ease is as simple as putting yourself in their place and thinking about what to expect when visiting anyone’s house and staying there for a long time.

Living in Pakistan with all these thoughts coming in your mind is so real. You have to consider each and everything before the guests arrive so that they don’t leave your house with regrets.

This article has some effective yet workable ways to make your guests feel happy with your hospitality. Let’s see what you can offer to them to make their stay awesome at your home.

Perfecting Things For Your Guests This EID 2021

1. Provide space to put their belongings

When guests come to your home, they may come up with the essentials or other things. They might not ask you, but it is your responsibility to provide them with a space where they can put their stuff.

Whether they are indoors or sleeping on an air mattress, you should make sure you provide a place for your guests to put their things. What I’m saying is you don’t want your guests to feel like nomads, do you? “Clean the drawer or part of the closet; no one likes living in a suitcase,” Cresswell says.

2. Offer them clean water

Having clean water at home is a blessing. When you are living in Pakistan, you have to take care of the basic things so that you are not putting a label on yourself.

Not necessarily, every house gets clean water. But this is also not the right way to treat your guests. You can either stock some local mineral water bottles at home or contact water filter plant suppliers to get your some clean water for guests.

The latter option is much more reliable because such companies know the right ways to treat the water and make it bacteria-free for people.

3. Arrange a bedroom for the guests

“Of course, if you’re ready to put out your bed one night, it’s a great honor to offer the guests a bedroom.

The hostel will be graciously welcomed, some will ask, but everyone will appreciate it If you find yourself always in the guest house but do not have a room, it is time to invest in a comfortable sofa or comfortable bed.

Use a comfortable bed, a nice pillow and another pillow (for anyone who always uses two pillows) .On the first night, set up a sofa bed before guests arrive, creating a welcoming feeling of ‘royalty,’ says Cresswell.

Don’t panic if you don’t have another room for the guests that you could offer them to sleep. As long as you give them another way to sleep well, you will be successful.

4. Arrange alternate power supply options

Of course, power outage is something that is unexpected in Pakistan. And for this, you are also not answerable.

But you can have the alternatives arranged at home so that you don’t have to feel the embarrassment.

Diesel generators are a lifesaver. You can get your hands on the generator so that you can save your life from shame and embarrassment.

Of course, guests judge you with the resources you stock at home. The best is to connect with a reliable genset supplier and buy the powerful generator for your home.

Other than this, you can also look for options that may keep you away from power supply risks.

Today, solar panels have become common in Pakistan. Although it is quite expensive, this is something that will let you spend the summers and other harsh weathers easily. Invest in the solar panel in Pakistan and you will thank me later.

5. Ensure privacy for guests

Even if your guests are at your home, it does not mean that you will be around them 24/7.

Keep in mind that your guests may have some ideas about how they want to spend their vacation. Also, provide them some privacy and space while you are at home.

It is best that go to bed before time while watching TV in your home so you can have time alone and relax.

Cresswell added to this point, “Regardless of the bedtime routine, try to provide ample opportunity to change clothes, use the bathroom, make a phone call, or take a break after a day.”

6. Avoid bad odors

Even if your house is clean, it will not show or put a great impression on the guests if it smells bad.

Be sure to use candles, essential oils, or your handy, stylish air freshener in your home. “I leave fresh flowers for them to enjoy during their stay (then I can enjoy them when I get home). I also release fresh fragrant oil plants, “says an interior designer in her interview.

Final Thoughts

Guests are the blessings sent by God to your home. Hence, you should make sure that everything is on point and that your guests are comfortable and relaxed at your home. If you keep these things, you are letting your guests appreciate your hospitality. That’s what actually counts in the end while you create a special place in their hearts yourself. Not only this, but you will also be treated the same way when you visit them.

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