Life without electricity

Is It Possible For Us To Live Without Electricity?

Without electricity, the result is the complete loss of normality, one time thinking about whether you can live without electricity or not, and what about those basic needs that we constantly use like lightning, fan, washing machines, and others.

The think about living without electricity is so scary even any person don’t want to consider that if you are plan to try without electricity, so you aren’t able to use any freezer for frozen foods, don’t use any heater on cold days and also you don’t have any clean running water.

In this world, there are some people living without electricity in this era. They utilize alternative energy resourcing for their daily usage of power. 

Those people who live without electricity

A 2010 report shows that there are about 1.2 billion people around the world living without electricity, which determines that 17% of the global population is living in the dark.

And in 2017 this percentage is dropped and goes to 840 Million people who are living without any access to electricity. To reduce living in the dark peoples, renewable technologies and some off-grid solutions such as solar power have been essential.

There are many of the best solar companies in Pakistan, so contact this and purchase one solar power for your own use. 

Without electricity effects on him

 Many of the families experience this effect, because of some power lines and bad weather issues. The small storm damaged one power line and left hundreds of houses without electricity. 

Which highly affects your lifestyle, there is no power to run your fridge, telephones lines are dropped, phone batteries are going to be dead and there is no power to charge it and your water supply also stops pumping clean water.

Some people realize that the going of electricity is only affected by Wi-Fi or internet, it also means that there is no lift, no cash machines, no petrol pumps and there is no power to run factories. This is known as the going of normality.

There are many generators companies in Pakistan, if you want to purchase a generator from it it is so simple, but in my opinion, solar panels are used to give higher benefits than generators. The main benefit of solar panels is that they are eco-friendly.

Gas or water-dependent on electricity

These two critical things are gas which provides him fire for making food and water which have many uses which are also highly dependent on electricity. 

The gas which provides central heating in our home works with some of the electric controls and circulating systems pumps.

And this is also dependent on some electric management and pumps like gas, these things making electricity our part of life.


Pakistan’s famous Genset supplier supply many of the powerful and huge generators all over the world that are very good things for Pakistan development, and some of these are also supplying solar panels which produce energy in a good way without making any expense and it is also eco-friendly.   

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