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Solar Electricity And Improving Living Standards Of Rural Areas     

As we know that Pakistan is an underdeveloped country where general facilities of life are not available to all the Pakistani, even in some cities basic things are not available to the citizens which is a very big barrier towards the growth and development of Pakistan and that issue is not stopping here.

The rural areas of Pakistan are highly sacrificing for the basic and general facilities, due to the bad political system and peak corruption not allowing rural areas to develop, but in this world, everything has an alternative this is not like that if the government sector does not support the private sector always bear it. The rural areas people begin to help themself with their own efforts without depending on the government and the different areas owners, they started to work for the self-betterment by using the latest solar electric technology in their locations to get a better life in the future due to which now they begin to get benefits as follows.

1. Health benefits

Due to the lack of power and no electricity in the rural areas, they are unable to have any health care benefits as all the current medical equipment and devices are electric base so the usage of that devices is impossible without electricity, which means electricity is now based for the better result and care for the hospitals and patients. So, where the normal clinics can work only in the daytime and serve only a few people now after solar electricity, they can work more hours and work even at night as well so they can serve more people as well which results are more than expected as the regular day and night shifts are promoting better health care in rural areas.

2. Improvement in schooling due to solar electricity

As the schooling system is hard to run without electricity because many electrical associated things need to put for the better schooling for the children, as they also need some better facilities in school to get education in the peaceful environment, the schooling is possible in the open environment also but without basic things it becomes an issue.

The solar electricity supports them to develop the water storage for the school use for multiple usages by the children, to run the fans to handle the heat waves which could be dangerous for them, to run school tuition at night time as due to the solar electricity now it is possible.

3. Beginning of small industrialization due to solar electricity

The Solar panel in Pakistan especially in the rural areas now become a big factor in promoting small industrialization, as many of the small machinery is now running on solar electricity and that has become a bright light for the rural areas of Pakistan.

4. Adaptation of technology

Solar Power Equipment in Pakistan is now in high demand due to the rapid increase in the adaptability of solar electricity.


The big change is that due to the solar power revolution now many companies in Pakistan are in competition to be the best Solar System Company in Pakistan.


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