Best Solar Power Equipment Gadgets

Best Solar Power Equipment Gadgets Everyone Should Know About

Acquiring electricity from traditional sources is way too common. It is the modern era and every sensible person is moving towards the new technology. By this I mean to say solar power equipment. 

I understand that it is really not easy to switch from the cheap yet traditional source to the most expensive one. It takes a lot of courage, money, time, and many more things to make up your mind. Only the richest person can think of it and install the source in one go. 

But wait for a second! You can also think of it and plan to install the solar panel at your home. Gone is the time when one really has to look around itself and then take the decision. But things have changed a little bit today. If you want to give your family a peaceful yet luxurious life, then nothing is better than having a solar panel. 

Before you put your steps forward and pay the cash to the supplier, you need to know a few things. There are some significant gadgets that you did not. The solar panel in Pakistan also has these gadgets compatible with it but you should know it first so that it is easy for you to install. 

Let’s explore together what important gadgets one should have along with solar power equipment. 

Important Solar Power Equipment Gadgets That Ensures Reducing Your Electricity Bill

1. Portable solar power bank

Solar power banks charge all smartphones today. Depending on the model, the 20,00mAh battery can support the phone three to five times. It comes with two USB ports with which you can simply charge two phones at a time. 

When the phone is low, put it next to the window to charge it. With the help of LED lights, you will know when the solar panel is working in battery mode. 

As a good reference, the power bank also has three different types of power outages.

2. Solar outdoor security camera 

This camera is really helpful in offering the best security to your house. It is really great for even offices like RO plants in Pakistan. A full air camera can withstand extreme temperature or water changes.

When the camera detects the operation, with the help of the association application, you will receive a notification and information. It records video clips and stores them on the cloud for you. At night, these infrared lights will help you explain what is going on outside.

3. Solar motion sensor outdoor light 

Even if you are not interested in surveillance cameras, solar energy can still provide additional protection for your home. The outdoor LECLSTAR light bulb is easy to install using an attached adhesive piece or two screws. 

This lamp is waterproof and can withstand any kind of weather. It has 268 light bulbs and can provide up to 1,800 lights.

4. Portable solar generator 

Even power suppliers are anticipating the future of solar energy. The 150Wh ACOPOWER portable and 50W connected windshield wiper is a great way to use solar energy around the house. The generator has two USB output plugs, two AC settings and three DC ports, which can be operated on different devices. Although it does not provide power to large electronic products, it can provide sufficient power to charge electronic devices and run small applications such as fans or lights.

The built-in battery can charge a generator and its 40,800 mAh battery within six to eight hours, and then charge when not in use. The generator can also be charged on a car or through a wall outlet at all times.

5. Solar wireless keyboard 

Your computer is already consuming a lot of energy — why consume more power than your app? The Logitech’s K750’s windshield wiper can be charged by sunlight or hand-held light and can charge up to three months in full darkness.

No need to worry about wires; simply insert a small receiver into any available USB port. 

6. Flashlight 

Electricity is another essential element in any home and thus, every Genset supplier has a solution for this problem. But it seems like every time you need a battery, the battery is lost or dead. Even if you cannot get close to the sun, you can use a glove or a USB cable for protection.

It can be selected from three different options in a 250 wood burning stove, fire pit or red light oven. When fully charged, the flashlight can be operated for up to 48 hours. You can also use a USB plug installed in your phone.

7. Wireless Bluetooth speakers 

While it won’t give you the best level of the full-featured speaker system, the Eton Rugged Rukus Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker can be portable and has a well-preserved ability to play up to eight hours of music when fully charged. The sun beats the speaker less than five hours under sunlight.

It can also charge your data from a USB port. Water-less speakers, making them ideal for listening to the waterfront and interactive programs.

8. Keyless smart solar bike lock 

The keyless smart bike lock is designed to ensure your bike has safety and security. The lock is made of 17mm steel and has a double locking system to resist thieves.

If someone tries to move the bike lock, you will receive a notification via Bluetooth on your phone. When you are ready to remove the lock, bring your information near it and it will open automatically. If your phone is not available, you can use the capacitive contact to enter the password as security.

These intelligent functions derive their power from the solar wall, which will continue to push the lockdown to use it. In the event of an emergency, you can also charge it via a micro USB port.


Installing roof openings is expensive and does not pollute the environment in many places. But this does not mean that you cannot start building your house with solar energy. With the above tools, you can charge your phone, turn on the light, listen to music, and use your sunscreen to protect your phone. This is the first step in wiping the world.

Solar power equipment is also good for use during power outages. Be sure to check the list of other applications to protect yourself in the event of a disaster.

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