Atmosphere Layer From Earth

The Earth Atmosphere & Top 3 Closest Atmosphere Layer From Earth

The atmosphere of Earth has a great series of layers, each of the layers has its own specific traits. These all layers upward moving from ground level. These layers are called the stratosphere, troposphere, mesosphere, exosphere, and thermosphere. The exosphere fades gradually and goes away from interplanetary space into the realm. 

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The atmosphere of Earth stretches from the planet’s surface up to 10,000 kilometers as far above. After that, the atmosphere blends into space. Not all scientists agreed, about where the upper surface boundary of the atmosphere is. In any case, they concurred that the greater part of the air is found near Earth’s surface with a distance which is around 8 to 15 kilometers.

For most life on Earth oxygen is necessary, the Earth’s majority atmosphere is not oxygen. In Earth’s atmosphere environment around 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9 percent argon, and 0.1 percent of different gases are made. The water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, and neon trace amounts and also some of the other gases that count in the remaining 0.1 percent.

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Closest atmosphere layer from the earth surface


This is one of the lowest layers of our atmosphere. Which is starting at ground level, it upward extends about 10 km above sea level. We all humans live in the troposphere, and nearly all type of weather occurs in this lowest layer.

 Most of the clouds appear here because about 99% of the atmospheric water vapor is found in the troposphere. The drops of air pressure and the temperature also get colder as you climb in its troposphere.


The layer extends from the troposphere top or about 50 km above the ground. The ozone layer is found inside the stratosphere. Molecules of ozone in this layer go to absorb ultraviolet high energy (UV) light from the Sun, which converts the energy of UV into heat. 

Unlike the troposphere, the stratosphere provides the feel of warmer the higher you go! That rising temperature pattern with its height gives an implication that stratospheric air comes up short on all the disturbance and updraft underneath the lower atmosphere. Passenger commercial jets fly in the lower stratosphere, partly. 


Above the stratosphere, the mesosphere is found. It upward extends to a height which is about 85 km above our planet. 

However, most of the meteors burn up in the mesosphere. Unlike with the stratosphere, these temperatures grow once again colder as you go up through it. This is one of the coldest temperatures in Earth’s atmosphere, which is about -90° C, which is found near this layered top. The air which is found in the mesosphere is far too thin in order to breathe.


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