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July 23, 2021
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August 6, 2021

The Mystery About The Solar Panels Across Louisiana

solar panels

There are sixteen solar farms powered by solar energy in the state of Louisiana. Half of these are under the control of the East coast fund having a total budget of 15 billion dollars. 

These projects are under the investment support of NY City-based D.E. Eight of these are under the mentioned organization. While the other eight are a combination of small startups to big fish in the market within the US or outside the US. 

But among these sixteen projects, only one is operating currently. Two of the Shaw solar projects are about to complete in the near future.

In total, Shaw plans to invest 484 million in these projects. The projects have approval already and are waiting for investment only. Shaw’s projects make up a total of 410 MW. 

The other eight projects under a combination of different investors can make up to 1500 MW but after the investment of a dollar 1.6 billion.

 If these sixteen solar power projects are completely built and utilized. Then almost 1900 MW of energy is present to power 190,900 approx. homes.

Shaw’s five projects are in St.James. The next two projects are in Washington Parish.

The other project investors other than Shaw, have two projects in West Baton Rouge. The others are in East Feliciana, Washington, Poutine Coupee, and Parishes.

The two projects of Shaw got started and handled by the other project investors.

A hedge fund is the backbone of Shaw’s projects in Louisiana. 2900 MW energy is generated through solar energy from the Sun and almost 500 MW energy from wind energy.

 C.D.F of the Shaw investment company, Hy Martin stated, “ New solar projects generating 400 MW are under the plan in Louisiana. Shaw is excited about this investment opportunity. Local communities welcome to work with Shaw.”

With the power generation in RO plants. Solar panel system comprising more than a hundred panels collecting sunlight energy for the generation of energy.

But to utilize these solar panels, lands of large areas are part of the requirement. For this, farmers have emptied the land since they state:

“We cannot compete with this solar panel industry’s payment of lease for the lands.”

But due to solar power generation, the requirement of Genset supplier has become negligible. Many other businesses are adopting solar energy to counter fossil fuel power generation.

In 1988, the foundation of D.E. Shaw was held. Shaw possesses a degree of Ph.D. from the University of Stanford. Moreover, he has served on the President’s CA on Science & Technology.

The other projects in the state and the name of their developers:


The project cost 67 million dollars to generate only 50 MW of energy. This project was constructed in West Baton and is currently under operation.


The West Coast developer of the solar project has the idea of investing 348 million dollars on two projects. The projects will generate 400 MW of energy and power.

Since 2017, Ecoplexus has financed 170 MW of projects which are worth 300 million dollars.


Singer town in Parish consists of a solar project under the ownership of Kontiki Holdings LLC on the area of 1970 acres and can easily manufacture 200 MW of Electricity. The cost for construction is 145 million dollars.

 This project was first registered in Delaware in August 2020 under Nextera. Next Era energy corporation works on renewable energy mainly solar energy named this project as Beauregard Solar project.

The amount of electricity for the Beauregard Solar project is under marketing to various customers.

DOC for NextEra, Bryan Garner stated, “ If the produced electricity were sold to an outside. The state would still get benefits and will not face any sort of loss.” He continued, “This project is of high value but less impact. This project covers the land and there is no requirement of new fresh teachers.”


Situated in the state of Bogalusa planned to generate 200 MW requiring the investment of 200 million dollars. 


In Morehouse Parish, Canadian Solar (traded), manufactures solar panel systems and project construction is also one of its main tasks.

This subsidiary is leading the project up to 98 MW on almost 1000 acres for only 98 million dollars.

Since 2006, Recurrent energy has accomplished 70 plus projects having customers like Google, Duke Energy, and Dominion Energy.


Energias de Portugal is after the solar project costing 78.5 million dollars in Parish. This project has the potential of producing 50 MW of power. EDP has also bought different equity stakes across the US worth 119 million dollars for the generation of 89 MW in January.


The largest solar-based proposed project generating 300 megawatts in the state of Pointe Coupee Parish. 

Ventress Solar is near New Roads and will require 2,732 acres. The project is under development by San Francisco-based Lightsource, one of the renewable energy arms for BP. Lighthouse already contains over 400 MW of solar energy plus another 616 MW of power under construction.


Due to shortage of electricity around the globe. People are moving towards the solar energy resource for generating electricity.

Many developed countries are constructing solar stations having multiple solar energy panels. The underdeveloped states and countries are still trying their best to cover energy cuts.

Overdeveloped countries like China, the US, and Russia have already utilized solar energy resources to lighten up their country. 

Germany, one of the leading countries for free education, is now paying the people to use the electricity they are generating.

The sixteen sets of solar energy panels around Louisiana are a positive sign for the progress of the state. The amount of land available will provide an advantage to Louisiana.

Many investors have now landed in Louisiana instead of the moon due to the energy crisis around the globe. 

To solve this energy crisis, investors and project developers are required to invest in the Earth and not in space to grow better.

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