Water and power in Pakistan

Water And Power Supply Situation Of The Pakistan

We all know that Pakistan is facing huge problems due to water and power shortages. On the daily basis in different news media are highlighting that issue. But unfortunately, no buddy here to take proper action on it. As this matter is not simple now many things and many people are involved in it.

Furthermore, the lack of focus and planning of different governments causes this issue. Most of the time every coming government commits but when they came into power forget or ignore issues. That’s why this problem not solving and it remains at the same place but getting worst day by day.

Some are the ground reasons which are listed there which creating a big issue in the supply. Both water and power are essential in today’s era. But no government thinking for the progress of the country.

Here is the list of some ground issues which are quite dangerous if remain more. Further, they also make things worse.

1. No Infrastructure

Lack of infrastructure for water and power supply causing a huge shortage. Because no distribution lines for different locations. Whereas those lines which already have in the system are badly damage. that are unable to work even half of their capacity.

2. Political distribution & influence

Due to the bad political setup here in their influence, many things getting worse. This is for the water and the power supply and effecting same for both.

3. No authority for check and balance

There is no authority for their check and balance even many government authorities also involve. So due to which things are getting worse and not going towards a solution.

4. Mafia controlling

Different mafias in the system not allowing to process work on time. Corruption in departments also increasing due to their involvement.  Because they have no care for the local public. They are too busy with corruption.

5. Rise in population

The rapid increase in the population is another big reason for the water and power shortage. Furthermore, no planning for the changes in the population and their needs causing a big issue. That’s why the private sector Generators Companies in Pakistan step forward to control power shortage with the generators. 

But that step is not enough for the growth and support of the local people. Because all of the people are not earning well you can buy it with their buying power. Many other limitations are in front of them because government level and concern company work only, they can do. Others can only make small ways.

6. Weather change

As the climate of Pakistan is getting hotter than before. Due to global warming. Because of that increase in water and power demand is obvious. But here when existing setup bearing problem due to no planning. So how it is possible they plan for the future. So, in that area also many local companies step forward

Like many companies import solar systems due to heat advantage in Pakistan to produce power and get water. The Best Solar System Company in Pakistan imports good quality setups. this is available easily and commonly because technology is much better now. That can fully support Pakistan’s climate.

7. Lack of dams

The lack of dams is another issue in Pakistan that is a big cause for water and power shortage. Due to water shortage people in Pakistan now moving towards the bore water. That is not drinkable water so for that need different RO plants. People prefer to select only the Best RO plants in Pakistan.

Because they are already bearing too much. that’s why they are not compromising on the quality of solar setup and RO plants. As this is their private investment and with that, they also can’t take risks. If they compromise on the quality that means they are taking a risk on their investment.

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