Caterpillar Generators

Embrace the Brilliance of Caterpillar Generators

Caterpillar is a renowned brand in power generation with engines that offer high endurance, reliability, and trustworthiness by companies globally.

JNA brings a wide range of Caterpillar gensets to offer to its customers after assessing their need.

Our gensets have options of

1) Fuel – Diesel

2) Alternators – Mecc Alte, Leroy Somer, Stamford & Others

3) Power range – 10-650 kVA

4) Build Type – Open/Silent/Container /Trailer /Mobile Type

5) Digital control panel -Smartgen, Deepsea

6) Rental



JNA stands proudly as a premier supplier and dealer of Caterpillar diesel generators in Pakistan. We make a steadfast commitment to excellence and put unwavering focus on customer satisfaction so that we continue to be a preferred partner for supplying top-quality gensets that are engineered to meet our users’ specific power needs.

Caterpillar has long been a name synonymous with reliability and innovation. As an exclusive source for procuring Caterpillar gensets, we make sure you have access to the very best in generator technology. We promise that when buying a Caterpillar genset through JNA, you’re choosing a level of standard-setting quality and performance.

Powering Excellence with A Comprehensive Selection

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